Huub hfl at HOME.NL
Fri Apr 29 07:42:57 EDT 2005

Hi Ed,

I can't say that i have a clear understanding of how this works or what
can be expected. I suppose i read in the manual a little more.
As i understand it, connections to the database are cached. Does that
mean that the data are cached? That is a different sentence to me.

And in the setting we ask for -idle-timeout 300-killInterval 500, i
assume that a fcgi process is released after 5 idle minutes. But that
didn't happen.
Also i saw three fcgi processes and i was the only user (or does every
browser refresh make a new 'session'-process).

And, memoryconsumption increases continuously; in my first message i
said that the meter said 2.5Gb. The server i'm talking about in not
heavily used.  I expect memory to be released once in a while.

So what would that bug be? I was inclined to formulate it like 'who
knows which bug to file and to whom'?
So thanks for your question.

Regards, Huub

Ed McNierney wrote:

>Huub -
>And what would that bug be?  Caching is a good thing - since there are
>no other demands on memory, and fast-cgi processes are SUPPOSED to stay
>resident, how can you tell that anything's wrong?
>What would you EXPECT the memory usage to be?  Since RAM is good for
>caching, it's usually GOOD for programs to use as much available RAM as
>they can take advantage of, as long as they're not competing with other
>       - Ed
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>Hi List,
>(new thread,the same name)
>this morning i could see that memoryusage was over 700Mb the 8
>mapserv.fcgi processes were gone.
>After stopping apache the memoryusage of the server dropped to 414Mb
>Then i continued to use (the improved)
> (now timing results)
>after lets say 50 zoomins/outs (50 for 4.5 cgi and 50 for 4.6beta fcgi)
>10.05h i see 3 mapserv.fcgi in the processlist memory is 873Mb 10.15h 3
>mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb 10.45h 3 mapserv.fcgi
>(154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb (now i closed the browser) 11.15h 3
>mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb Stopped Apache.
>mapserv.fcgi gone, Memoryusage dropped to 414Mb
>am i missing something, or should i file a bug
>httpd.conf fastcgi settings
>LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.dll AddHandler
>fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl FastCgiConfig -idle-timeout 300
>-killInterval 500 -initial-env PROJ_LIB -initial-env PATH -initial-env
>SetEnv PATH "C:/Oracle/product/10.1.0/Client_1/BIN"
>Regards, Huub

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