Fernando Simon fsimon at UNIVALI.BR
Fri Apr 29 09:28:41 EDT 2005

Hi Hubb,
    I saw the same issue here, more than one process for fastcgi. I
don't know why this problem occur, in my test it's occur when the data
that Mapserver needs to load is high.
    The big problem in this case is that only one process is use, the
others don't receive any call, only using memory.
    I don't have any hints about this. Is it a maporaclespatial,
fastcgi, or another code problem?
    Any hints?

Fernando Simon
Mapserver and Oracle Spatial developer
G10 - Laboratorio de Computacao Aplicada - Brazil - UNIVALI/CTTMAR

Huub wrote:

> Hi List,
> (new thread,the same name)
> Well,
> this morning i could see that memoryusage was over 700Mb
> the 8 mapserv.fcgi processes were gone.
> After stopping apache the memoryusage of the server dropped to 414Mb
> Then i continued to use (the approved)
> (now timing results)
> after lets say 50 zoomins/outs (50 for 4.5 cgi and 50 for 4.6beta fcgi)
> 10.05h i see 3 mapserv.fcgi in the processlist memory is 873Mb
> 10.15h 3 mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb
> 10.45h 3 mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb
> (now i closed the browser)
> 11.15h 3 mapserv.fcgi (154672Kb,156128Lb,20000 Kb): 740Mb
> Stopped Apache. mapserv.fcgi gone, Memoryusage dropped to 414Mb
> am i missing something, or should i file a bug
> httpd.conf fastcgi settings
> LoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.dll
> AddHandler fastcgi-script fcg fcgi fpl
> FastCgiConfig -idle-timeout 300 -killInterval 500 -initial-env PROJ_LIB
> -initial-env PATH -initial-env TNS_ADMIN
> SetEnv TNS_ADMIN "c:/oracle/product/10.1.0/Client_1/NETWORK/ADMIN"
> SetEnv PATH "C:/Oracle/product/10.1.0/Client_1/BIN"
> Regards, Huub

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