Image Caching, when to update?

Kyle Mulka kmulka at GLC.ORG
Fri Aug 5 11:01:30 EDT 2005

Sean Gillies wrote:
"IMO, MapServer should remain focussed on rendering map images, and caching
should be left to other specialized applications or modules."

If that's the case, that you don't want image caching built into mapserver,
maybe we need a component in the overall system, between mapserver and the
WMS interface to deal with the issues of caching geographical imagery.

Even if you don't do image caching, I believe caching of some things
internally would be beneficial in mapserver so it can run faster. If
mapserver was fast enough, I wouldn't even have to worry about image

I'm just trying to brainstorm here where this image caching system should go
and how it should work.

-Kyle Mulka 

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