Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Aug 8 13:17:55 EDT 2005

>>> Sean Gillies <sgillies at frii.com> 08/08/05 11:08 AM >>>
> Hi Steve,

Hi Sean:

> My $.02 ...

Most welcome.

> I'd prefer msShape* for the new C functions, to collect them into a  
> conceptual "Shape" module.


> As for mapscript: I've already implemented toString() methods for  
> pointObj and rectObj which return a dictionary-ish string, so I think  
> the WKT string should be produced instead by a toWKT() method.

Didn't know that, thanks for pointing out. toWKT is fine with me. Will address
in the RFC.

> Is there any chance you would be interested in writing unit tests for  
> these new methods? Whether they know it or not, mapscript users have  
> benefited from the tests that I, Howard, and Frank have written, and it  
> would be good to continue them. If mapscript development were to switch  
> back to being primarily Perl-focussed, Perl tests could be written.

Sure, where's the best place to look for a template/how-to? At one point I 
had re-written much of the Python testing as Perl but inadvertantly deleted
them (dammit) and have never had the energy to redo it. Plus, your work has
come so far anyway.

> Sean


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