Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Tue Aug 9 16:29:56 EDT 2005

I probably should take you up on the offer (thanks), but then again I should be 
doing that myself as well. Lemme try it myself with you and Sean as sounding boards
if that's ok. I gotta get the RFC up-to-date first anyway.


>>> Frank Warmerdam <fwarmerdam at GMAIL.COM> 08/08/05 12:35 PM >>>
On 8/8/05, Steve Lime <steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us> wrote:
> > Is there any chance you would be interested in writing unit tests for
> > these new methods? Whether they know it or not, mapscript users have
> > benefited from the tests that I, Howard, and Frank have written, and it
> > would be good to continue them. If mapscript development were to switch
> > back to being primarily Perl-focussed, Perl tests could be written.
> Sure, where's the best place to look for a template/how-to? At one point I
> had re-written much of the Python testing as Perl but inadvertantly deleted
> them (dammit) and have never had the energy to redo it. Plus, your work has
> come so far anyway.


Doh!  Writing tests the first time is draining enough.  I'm not surprised
it was hard to build the ambition to redo it.  

There is some information on the MSAutoTest suite in the old wiki at:


I found Sean's python test cases pretty easy to extend once I had the
hang of running them but them I am already a python scripter. 

I wouldn't minding building WKT related tests cases for you.

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