Is the MapServer code supposed to be ANSI C?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Sun Feb 6 12:53:32 EST 2005

I am also concerned that the huge amount of work the Petter is doing
needs to get integrated into the source. If there is no one that has the
time to integrate these patches, then I think you should seriously
consider giving Petter full CVS access so he can check them in his self.
Or is the development at some fragile point where these type of changes
would be disruptive to other project goals?

Petter, It was suggested that you write bugs and attach you patches to
them. I hope you picked up on that.

It is not everyday that we get someone with the energy and drive that
Petter has shown. I don't know Petter except via his posts and they
demonstrate a good judgment to ask questions and a maturity about
development issues and team work.

-Steve W.

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
>>> Yes, that would be nice, and I agree completely.  But there are some
>>> fixes left before the code will compile using those flags. :)
>> Here is a start, getting rid of '//' comments in the header files, and
>> also adding info about which #ifdef an #endif matches.
> Is anyone keeping track of (and/or addressing) all the patches that
> Petter sends or are they just getting lost in the list archives?
> It would definitely be nice to get all those compiler issues resolved,
> but I'm not sure if anyone has time to deal with and test all those
> patches... I certainly don't have the time now and won't for a few months.
> Daniel
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