About the db connections to mapserv

Jorge Infante joluinfante at GMAIL.COM
Mon Feb 14 11:59:32 EST 2005

Hello to all.
I'm new in this listserv.
I'm working to try to connect the product mapserv with "IBM informix
spatial datablade". I prepared a .map replacing "airports" layer (of the
demo) for a description of the airports table in my spatial enabled
informix db. Then, I wrote a basic "mapinformixspatial.c", and, last
weekend, I actually saw "airports point" on my screen (from my spatial db).
I worked a for week to obtain this, and, I suppouse that in a month, I will
be able to complete a beta version.
At my job, this feature is necessary, since I don't have the money to buy
SDE product.
I'd like to contribute to your project with this feature.

The question is "what are the steps I must take"?

jorge infante

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