Bart van den Eijnden bartvde at XS4ALL.NL
Mon Feb 14 12:26:59 EST 2005

Hi list,

I for one (but then again I am curious by nature :) ) would be very much
interested whether or not the main developers of Mapserver maintain their
own wishlist for future Mapserver features, and if they would be willing
to share them with the community.

Sometimes a lot of things are on a wishlist, which don't get funded. But
ofcourse things need to be known to people in order to have a higher
chance of getting funded. And a lot of things wouldn't even come to the
mind of a user, but which could be essential for the development of the

Also, if there are a lot of large/heavy points on the wishlists, it may
require funding from several parties which team up together.

Ofcourse Steve already showed a part of his wishlist at the MUM2
conference, on which GEOS integration featured, as well as better
J2EE/.NET support for Mapserver (if I recall correctly).

On other occassions I have seen e-mails about enhancing the cartographic
features of Mapserver.

What else is on the lists?

Best regards,

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