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On Mon, 14 Feb 2005 18:26:59 +0100, Bart van den Eijnden
<bartvde at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> What else is on the lists?


Nothing too exciting on my lists, but it includes:

 o Support for colorbars so that continuous values (whether
    from a raster or vector attributes) can be assign a color from
    a range without defining a whole set of classes.  likewise, I
    would like to be able to show the colorbar where we would
    normally show the class legend.

 o Reworking features access for query results so that features
    are not normally fetched by id, which can be quite expensive.

 o Rework filtering so that there is a generic filtering format (perhaps
    just the current mapserver expressions) that can be converted
    into each data providers filtering format instead of the current
    approach of custom per-provider FILTER formats.

 o Ensure that WFS passes it's filter spec down to native providers
    to implement efficiently.

 o The ability to hold raster datasources open so that a fastcgi
    mapserver could take advantage of GDAL's in memory caching.

 o Convert mapogr.cpp to C, so that MapServer isn't so tightly
    bound to a particular build of GDAL.  The current C++ interface
    is fragile.

 o Better multi-threading support including making some portions
    re-entrant and finer grained locks in others areas (ie. GDAL/OGR).

Of course, I also wish for stuff like better docs, better testsuites, etc.

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