About the db connections to mapserv

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Wed Feb 16 18:07:15 EST 2005

Hi Jorge: Glad you're having some success, I think that would be a great
to MapServer.

I must stress that you'd need to commit to maintaining the code into
the future. It's
unlikely that another developer would be able to (or willing?) step in
and take this over.
I realize you can't commit to forever, but I don't want to add this
feature and then see
you go away soon after.

That said, to be included we'd need to make sure the functionality is
inline as much as
possible with the other DB modules and is as free of defects as
possible. We'd also
need additions to the configure script. Test cases highly recommended

Next steps? Well, let's start with getting this into bugzilla as an
enhancement request
to the core MapServer library. You can submit code (the new source
file) and patches
(configure, map.h, ...) through bugzilla and folks interested in
reviewing code can add
themselves to be cc'd. Please post the bug number to this list once you
get it set up.
We can get the code added to the repository once a few folks have a

Longer term we could consider CVS write access.


Stephen Lime
Data & Applications Manager

Minnesota DNR
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155

>>> Jorge Infante <joluinfante at GMAIL.COM> 2/14/2005 10:59:32 AM >>>
Hello to all.
I'm new in this listserv.
I'm working to try to connect the product mapserv with "IBM informix
spatial datablade". I prepared a .map replacing "airports" layer (of
demo) for a description of the airports table in my spatial enabled
informix db. Then, I wrote a basic "mapinformixspatial.c", and, last
weekend, I actually saw "airports point" on my screen (from my spatial
I worked a for week to obtain this, and, I suppouse that in a month, I
be able to complete a beta version.
At my job, this feature is necessary, since I don't have the money to
SDE product.
I'd like to contribute to your project with this feature.

The question is "what are the steps I must take"?

jorge infante

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