Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Tue Feb 22 14:40:01 EST 2005

Those guys vanished of the face of the earth. Went so far as to create
CVS accounts for them. (reminds me to suspend them) Haven't heard a peep
since. Their challenges weren't technical as much as business related. I
don't believe they ever figured out how to market the extension. Their
price point was really quite high...


>>> Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA> 02/17/05 3:52 PM >>>
Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
>  Whatever happened to the
> integration of Mapserver and Label-EZ?

I don't know about Steve, but I haven't heard anything since you brought
up this same question almost exactly 1 year ago:

Do you have a cron job that posts this question at the same date every
year? Maybe I should setup a cron job at my end to always post the same
reply at that date.  ;)

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