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Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Feb 28 10:46:04 EST 2005

It's been fixed in 4.5 (there's a bug filed already), and shouldn't be
an issue with earlier releases since GEOS support is vaporware in them-
that is, don't compile with it. The GEOS support is now being added to
4.5 and should provide some nice features soon.


>>> <ender at UPSTATE-CA.COM> 02/25/05 8:48 AM >>>
I don't know if anyone else has caught this when including geos with
mapserver, but configure has an error when calling geos-config.  It is
present in 4.4.0, and 4.4.1.  Maybe even before...

configure.in currently:
1010:  GEOS_INCDIR=`$GEOS_CONFIG --include`
1034:  GEOS_INCDIR=`$GEOS_CONFIG --include`

these should be:
1010:  GEOS_INCDIR=`$GEOS_CONFIG --includes`
1034:  GEOS_INCDIR=`$GEOS_CONFIG --includes`

I keep having to fix the configure.in and run autoconf.  Just thought
might be able to be fixed before 4.4.2.

-Aaron Stafford

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