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Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at INTEVATION.DE
Tue Jul 26 08:42:44 EDT 2005

On Tue, Jul 26, 2005 at 01:55:42PM +0200, Peter Freimuth wrote:
> we currently building a zope based appilcation for easy creation of WMS
> Services. When publishing the service a script creates a mapfile by
> using the save function of the map Object. The problem is, that the
> fprintf function prints all the  float values  with a" , " and not with
> a" . " as the mapfileparser expected them afterwards. I am Using python
> mapscript based on the current 4.6 stable release. The System is a
> fedora 3 linux. Also the fact that nearly all values are printed with
> the E format is not very useful.
> I think that fprintf is using the LOCALE configs of the systems, which
> may cause this float representation. Any idea how to avoid this?
> Thanks for any help on this item!

well, you could always use a "LANG=C" or similar
to start the processes in question.
LC_NUMERIC might be sufficient already.


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