formatting of BoundingBox coordinates (mapows.c)

Martin Kofahl martin.kofahl at UNI-ROSTOCK.DE
Fri Nov 4 07:01:38 EST 2005

I have had some troubles with a WMS client connection mapserv last time.
Reason was the formatting of the <BoundingBox SRS=> tag in the
capabilities document - numbers were written as 1.11111e+06. As I
changed to floating (see below), the application worked.

Question: is there a special reason for formatting the BoundingBox as
exponents? Could you change it?

Changes I made in mapows.c:

<   msIO_fprintf(stream, "%s<%s minx=\"%f\" miny=\"%f\" maxx=\"%f\"
maxy=\"%f\" />\n",
>   msIO_fprintf(stream, "%s<%s minx=\"%g\" miny=\"%g\" maxx=\"%g\"
maxy=\"%g\" />\n",
<                "%s            minx=\"%f\" miny=\"%f\" maxx=\"%f\"
>                "%s            minx=\"%g\" miny=\"%g\" maxx=\"%g\"

Thank you!

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