Will PHP-Mapscript support OWSRequests?

Sebastian Albrecht albrecht at FIELAX.DE
Tue Oct 4 03:44:44 EDT 2005


in the manuals of Mapscript I read SWIG Mapscript supports drawing maps 
from OWS requests directly. I think this is very comfortable for example 
for writing own WMS "servers" which extend the MapServer-CGI with 
further, project specific application logic.

Unfortunately the direct processing of OWS requests does not work using 
PHP Mapscript because there is no OWSRequest.
My trial to parse the request parameters, set them to the mapObject and 
draw a WMS conform image failed, because PHP-Mapscript will always 
adjust the BBOX/extent to fit the aspect ratio of width/height of the 
map :-\

Question 1:
Will PHP-Mapscript support a SWIG-Mapscript-like OWSRequest at some 
point in the future or is it foreseeable PHP- and SWIG-Mapscript will 
differ more and more?

Question 2:
Will PHP-Mapscript support a special drawing function which ignores the 
aspect ratio of width/height and does not adjust the extent?

Best regards,
Sebastian Albrecht

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