New 4.8 release plan proposal

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Oct 19 17:15:31 EDT 2005

Around mid-september I submitted a proposal for a MapServer 4.8 release 
plan that included a feature freeze on October 17th. Frank and Steve 
requested an extension, so here is a new proposal. Sorry if it comes late.

For the next release of MapServer, I would like to propose that we 
continue with the 6 months release cycle that we've had for the last few 
releases, so that would mean the following target dates for a 4.8.0 release:

- Feature Freeze: October 31st
- 4.8.0-beta-1: November 3rd
- 4.8.0-beta-2,3,...
- Final 4.8.0 release: Dec. 19th

Release manager TBD... I could do it, but if someone else wants to 
volounteer then you have until Oct 31st to speak up.

That's it for the proposal. Before we open the vote on it I would like 
to leave 1-2 days for discussions and get confirmation from Frank and 
Steve that those dates work for the items that they need to complete.

Howard also reminded me that Jani still had to commit his changes for 
the layer plugin changes (RFC-3), but since this is a significant change 
that may have an impact on other code, we need may need some time 
between the time when this is committed to CVS and the freeze date. 
Jani: can you please give us an update on your progress?

Discussion is open...

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