MS RFC 3: Status update

Jani Averbach javerbach at EXTENDTHEREACH.COM
Thu Oct 27 21:33:08 EDT 2005


I committed my changes for MS RFC 3 (vtable) to the CVS, and I have
tested them by:

- Running mapscript/python unit tests
- Running msautotest (gdal/misc)
- Using resulting mapserv for The MapServer Tutorial 
  on WinXP(32bit) and Linux(AMD 64bit) hosts.

However I can't very easily to test the rest of languages of mapscript
(PHP, perl etc), or some layers (Postgis, etc).  So I would like to
ask help with these and make sure that it actually works.

So could you review/test your favorite layer, and send follow up to
the list when you have found it good to go.  I will then update
MS-RFC-3 to contain these notes, thanks.

It looks like that MS RFC 8 (plugins) passed, I will implement it 
tomorrow and I expect it to be ready by tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Best Regards,

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