Proposal to add Steve Woodbridge to the TSC

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Thu Apr 13 16:21:37 EDT 2006

I want to thank Sean for the proposal and all of you for your votes of 
confidence. I would be pleased to serve on the TSC if that is what you 
decide. I also understand Daniel's concern about dissolving the 
technical strength of the TSC. While I have not contributed code, I have 
reviewed code, discussed design algorithms and written my own mapserver, 
that I abandoned for UMN Mapserver. I have 30+ years of development, 
development management, QA and process management in my history, but I 
will not bore you with the details. I will continue to do what I do for 
mapserver regardless and will probably do more if approved just because 
of the weight of responsibility :)

I feel honored just be being considered.

Best regards to all,
   -Steve W

Sean Gillies wrote:
> Hi all,
> For as long as I've been involved with MapServer, Steve Woodbridge  has 
> been a contributor to discussions not only on MapServer usage,  but also 
> on project architecture, governance, and direction. I've  appreciated 
> his insights, and would like for us to encourage and  empower Steve by 
> giving him a position on MapServer's technical  steering committee. In 
> accordance with our rules, I propose that we  add Steve Woodbridge as a 
> TSC member, and cast my +1 vote.
> Sean
> ---
> Sean Gillies

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