Project Steering Committee (was Re: Proposal to add Steve Woodbridge to the TSC)

Sean Gillies sgillies at FRII.COM
Tue Apr 18 11:20:19 EDT 2006

On Apr 18, 2006, at 8:47 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Steve Lime wrote:
>> How should we move forward with this? One idea might be to follow  
>> the same
>> path as we did with OSGF membership. The TSC prepares a RFC to  
>> transition
>> the TSC to PSC with all the stuff about scope, new membership and  
>> so on
>> and we vote. But acceptance would be contingent on confirming vote  
>> from
>> the community at large. Just a thought.
> Steve,
> In my opinion I think it would be sufficient if the existing TSC  
> voted,
> but I think we should have the discussion of the RFC on mapserver- 
> users
> so we can get broader community input.
> In fact, we might want to have "non-developers RFCs" discussed on the
> -users list as a matter of course in the future.
> Best regards,

Hey, let's start a new thread for this new topic. For the sake of  
archival at least.


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