Proposing to call setlocale( LC_ALL, "C" ) in msSetup()

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Thu Apr 27 13:27:29 EDT 2006

I think we'll need a bug report to document the change and the reasons 
behind it (perhaps a copy of the thread where this was discussed with 

Also, is it worth saving the original locale value in msSetup() and 
restoring it in msCleanup()? I realize that in most cases this won't be 
of any use, but I thought I would bring up the idea anyway.

Finally, a note about this should probably be added to the MapScript 
docs (SWIG and PHP docs) since this can potentially cause side-effects 
in scripting environments. I can take care of the PHP docs once the 
change is done.


Szekeres Tamás wrote:
> Developers,
> I had a problem with that mapserver/mapscript is working
> under the locale context of the host process, but the code
> is not ready to operate in all locales so far. For example
> the lexer expects dot as the decimal separator and some of
> the locales use comma and atof will truncate the numbers to
> the integer part causing mystical errors.
> As a quick fix I suggest to call setlocale to the default
> "C" at the msSetup initialization function.
> The best solution would rewriting the code to be locale
> independent if it is expected.
> Because we can have some side effects with this change I am
> calling a vote on it.
> Tamas
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Daniel Morissette

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