5.0 Release Plan

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Tue Aug 1 10:30:53 EDT 2006

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> I agree that some of this would warrant a 5.0 release, but I think we 
> should really get a release out soon with what's been implemented 
> already (can we still do it by September?) to follow the 6 months 
> release cycle that users are expecting.
> It doesn't matter much to me whether we call it 4.10 or 5.0, we don't 
> have any architectural changes that would really warrant a 5.0 but we 
> may have enough key features for a 5.0 already with the antialiasing and 
> curved labels (Those features have been sitting in the dev version for 
> almost 6 months and still haven't been released.)
> I'm also in for an IRC meeting to discuss the release plan ASAP... tonight?

I can't make tonight ... I'm off to see Stompin Tom Connors in concert!

I would agree that we are already cutting our time close for a pre-conf
final release.

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