Multiple user problem -- C# MapScript Web Application (Is mapserver thread safe?)

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 9 04:40:21 EDT 2006


How the global synchronization affect the performance of your
application in a multiuser environment?
I afraid this kind of protection cannot be utilized easily for ASP.NET
since the host process
may load and execute multiple separate application domains.
However i am keen to implement such functionality at the SWIG
interface level as an alternative to the USE_THREAD approach.


2006/8/9, Benedikt Rothe <umn-ms at>:
> Tamas, Umberto
> Umberto wrote about good experience with Mapserver-Multithreading in Java.
> This is not my experience. In our "Mapserver-Servlet" we had to use a global
> synchronizing around
> mapserver-calls  (i.e. disabling multithreading) to avoid crashes.
> Benedikt

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