Multiple user problem -- C# MapScript Web Application (Is mapserver thread safe?)

Umberto Nicoletti umberto.nicoletti at GMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 9 07:17:55 EDT 2006

I think this discussion is not going anywhere without some code and
some numbers to look at, otherwise this smells like FUD to me. I don't
mean to be harsh, but I think we need to steer this thread into a
clear and agreed path if we want to come up with somethin useful to
our users (and ourselves).

My proposed checklist is:

1) we have java code that instantiates a configurable number of
threads and runs them (doing map draws, queries and geos buffer())
2) we can throw a number of maps at it and see if it performs
correctly (a diff against a sample image of the generated images is
enough) and fast. These maps could be collected from the msautotest
suite so that anyone can reproduce the results by himself or at least
they should be publicly available to anyone for review and usage
3) I expect mapserver to perform correctly for all the components
listed in the thread-safety faq
4) the Java thread-test can be rewritten in C# or any other language
we need to test, but they must be kept synchronized so that we can
compare the numbers they produce
5) squeeze out perfomance

Best regards,

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