Proposal: MapServer 4.10 release plan

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Thu Aug 10 11:27:07 EDT 2006

At 09:34 AM 8/10/2006, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>In yesterday's IRC meeting, it was decided to go ahead with a 4.10 
>release as soon as possible to try to stick to the 6 months release 
>cycle that users are expecting and mostly to release the great 
>features that are currently sitting in CVS as soon as possible 
>(curved labels, mapfile includes, etc.).
>It was also agreed that this should be the last 4.x release. The 
>next release should be 5.0, likely with a feature freeze in early 
>January 2007. We should start planning for 5.0 in the next few 
>weeks, hopefully before the conference. Will you take the lead on that SteveL?
>I volounteered to be the 4.10 release manager and prepared a 4.10 
>release plan at:
>Unfortunately we are too late to have a release before the September 
>conference. The key dates for 4.10 would be:
>     * Feature freeze - Monday August 14, 2006
>     * 4.10.0-beta1 - August 17th
>     * 4.10.0-beta2 - August 28th
>     * 4.10.0-beta3 - September 6th
>     * 4.10.0-rc1 - September 22nd
>     * 4.10.0 (final) - September 29th
>IMPORTANT: Note the planned feature freeze is this coming Monday 
>August 14th. That essentially means that no new features can be 
>implemented for 4.10 unless you are almost done and can get them in 
>before Monday.
>I would like to invite the MTSC members to review the relase plan at 
>the URL above and to vote on its adoption.
>I start with a +1

+1 from me.  I'd like to propose an IRC bugzilla tag team session 
some time next week after the freeze.  Any takers?


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