Proposal: MapServer 4.10 release plan

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Fri Aug 11 14:25:04 EDT 2006

Paul Spencer wrote:
> One comment on the proposed release plan ... most of the key folks  are 
> also involved in FOSS4G and will have limited time before the  
> conference to do stuff.  I'm thinking mostly of Jeff here ... and he  
> indicated he is taking some vacation immediately after the  conference.  
> With this in mind, I think a mid October release is  probably more 
> feasible (unless you know you won't need the people  that will be M.I.A).

Yeah, I am away for 2 weeks myself around the conference, but I am 
hoping that most of the work for the release will be done before then. 
In the proposed schedule, the last beta is right before the conference 
and we have a first release candidate in the week that follows it.

I can see how that could be a problem for the docs side if Jeff is 
booked tight before the conference and will then be gone for 3 weeks... 
but then even a mid-October release may not work for him since he will 
have just come back and will probably have piles of work waiting for 
him. Also, after mid October would start to be quite late for a release 
that was expected at the end of the summer.

Since everyone voted +1 and nobody else raised that issue, I presume 
Jeff is the only one in that situation and we'll have to hope that he 
can still find a bit of time for the docs side, or that other 
volounteers will want to help on that front.

Actually, how does Howard feel about Jeff not being able to help with docs?

Daniel Morissette

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