PostGIS Connector Bug 1536 Fix

Steve Lime Steve.Lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Thu Aug 17 23:33:46 EDT 2006

Jerry: I'll need to catch up on the bug, I've let others worry about
PostGIS. Is
this going to be a problem with 4.10 so that you're hoping to get this
before the final release (too late for beta1)?


>>> Jerry Pisk <jerry.pisk at GMAIL.COM> 08/17/06 4:38 PM >>>

since I haven't heard from anyone I was wondering if it would be
feasible to roll back the changes made for this bug - quoting column
names in PostGIS queries. The way the fix was implemented it broke map
files that use expressions in their queries or in attributes such as

The correct way to handle this is to flag columns that came from the
PostGIS connector itself (it executes a select * from query to
populate layer items collection) and only quote those names. Names
coming from the map file should be the responsibility of the user. The
problem is that this would require an additional array marking which
layer "items" came from the map file and which came from the PostGIS
connector (in msPOSTGISLayerGetItems). I can only assume Oracle
Spatial connector is going to have the same issue.

Another solution would be to explicitly prohibit expressions in layer

I would like to know what others think before I start any work this.
For now I have just branched mapserver to suit my needs which is not
exactly the ideal solution.

Jerry Pisk

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