PostGIS Connector Bug 1536 Fix

Jerry Pisk jerry.pisk at GMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 18 02:27:47 EDT 2006

Whether this is going to be a problem depends on how many people use
expressions in their layer items. Most users seem not to so it may not
be a big deal. I'll try to work on it, what is the release schedule
for 4.10 and after? The problem is that it probably won't be a trivial
change and it may be safer just to wait for 4.12 or 5.


On 8/17/06, Steve Lime <Steve.Lime at> wrote:
> Jerry: I'll need to catch up on the bug, I've let others worry about
> PostGIS. Is
> this going to be a problem with 4.10 so that you're hoping to get this
> fixed
> before the final release (too late for beta1)?
> Steve
> >>> Jerry Pisk <jerry.pisk at GMAIL.COM> 08/17/06 4:38 PM >>>
> Hello,
> since I haven't heard from anyone I was wondering if it would be
> feasible to roll back the changes made for this bug - quoting column
> names in PostGIS queries. The way the fix was implemented it broke map
> files that use expressions in their queries or in attributes such as
> The correct way to handle this is to flag columns that came from the
> PostGIS connector itself (it executes a select * from query to
> populate layer items collection) and only quote those names. Names
> coming from the map file should be the responsibility of the user. The
> problem is that this would require an additional array marking which
> layer "items" came from the map file and which came from the PostGIS
> connector (in msPOSTGISLayerGetItems). I can only assume Oracle
> Spatial connector is going to have the same issue.
> Another solution would be to explicitly prohibit expressions in layer
> "items".
> I would like to know what others think before I start any work this.
> For now I have just branched mapserver to suit my needs which is not
> exactly the ideal solution.
> Jerry Pisk

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