Minutes of IRC meeting

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Fri Aug 25 12:38:55 EDT 2006

I have attached the minutes of today's MapServer 4.10 IRC meeting to 
this email. The next meeting is planned for Tuesday Sept 5th at 10am 

Daniel Morissette
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MapServer 4.10 IRC meeting on Aug 25, 2006:

1- Review action items from last meeting
2- Test results
3- Bug discussions?
4- Documentation/website stuff?
5- 4.10-beta2 Monday
6- Next meeting

1- Review action items from last meeting

Old TODOs:

- Everybody to review assigned bugs and update status

- Howard: Unix compilation HOWTO needs updating with GD details

- SteveL: Add GEOS tests to python test suite

- Daniel and Frank to coordinate to update configure to detect GEOS 2.2.2+
  based on GDAL's configure

2- Test results (msautotest)

  - FrankW wanted to stress to everyone that rounding differences 
    on different platforms or different versions of gd, freetype, 
    etc will result in slightly different image results.
    And generally testers need to manually compare the failed images 
    to the expected images and decide if the results are "similar enough".

  - Frank to fix msautotest scripts for wxs tests to work on Windows

  - Bart to fix wxs tests (also check with Norm)

3- Bug discussions?

- Review of several open bugs...

- Patch for TTF labels in scalebars: sdlime to create bug and complete this
  for beta2 or otherwise wait until next release.

4- Documentation/website stuff?

- Developers to think about and update MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT

- hobu will update MIGRATION_GUIDE.TXT to talk about GD and GEOS

- hobu proposes that we set up an automated mirror of the site on the 
  TelaScience/OSGeo servers after the 4.10 release. UMN would continue
  to be the master, and the TelaScience/OSGeo one would just be a 
  read-only mirror.

- sdlime to get stats of downloads of the betas on cvs.gis.umn.edu

5- 4.10-beta2 Monday

Beta2 will be packaged Monday night. We need everyone to run their sets 
of tests on the CVS source by Monday afternoon and report via the table
in the release plan page on the website.

6- Next meeting 

Tuesday Sept 5 at 10 am central.

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