MSAutotest WxS on windows

Normand Savard nsavard at MAPGEARS.COM
Tue Aug 29 09:38:25 EDT 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Normand Savard wrote:
>>>  o windows does expoential notation with three digits instead of two.
>> I think we have no choice here to have two sets of expected results:  
>> one for Windows and one for Unix.  Unless we use an external program 
>> that will compare files and check for numbers precisions like ndiff.
> Norman,
> We already have special processing when [RESULT_DEVERSION] is used
> to strip MapServer version information out of the capabilities.  I
> can extend this processing to also change strings of the form
> 'e+0nn"' to 'e+nn"'.  This should resolve most of this particular
> issue.  I'll give this a try and let you know.
Seems good to me.

> Great work on the other problems.
> I'm also still seeing failures on a variety of tests for less obvious
> reasons.  For instance, wms_time_pattern2d.png is producing alot less
> symbols than the expected file on windows, but on linux it is matching.
> All together I'm seeing 18 tests fail, and 112 tests pass on windows
> with my FWTools build (circa Friday or Thursday) and the latest test
> suite. Is this what you see?
I worked only on Linux but I will do the set up of msautotests on 
Windows and run the tests.  I will let you know what the results are.


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