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Umberto Nicoletti umberto.nicoletti at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 31 10:59:00 EDT 2006

On 8/31/06, mikiet <mike.talbutt at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am new to mapserver and am using java mapscript to create a new
> application. I have found documentation on java mapscript prettu hard to
> come by, however have managerd to get most of my application up and running
> pretty quickly.
> Hoever I've fallen into problems annotation the map. My application needs to
> be able to annonate the map with rectangles, circles and ellipses.
> rectangles were easy, I simply created a new lineObj and added the points
> for my rectangle, create a shapeObj adding my lineObj  to it and then added
> my shape to the layer as an feature.
> Hoever how would I do this with a circle ?, in previose examples when I have
> rendered  points on a map as circles I have created a circle symbol in my
> .sym file and applied that symbol to the features, however in my application
> when I draw the circle I need to be able to specify the radius. Also I would
> prefer the circle annonation to actually be a circle rather then a point
> using a circle symbol to render it.

Doesn't setting the symbol size accomplish exactly this?


> Any help or pointers to documentation would be greatfully appreciated
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