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Thu Dec 14 13:50:12 EST 2006

Hi Sture: There is no "MapServer Project" entity go donate too. However, there 
are a couple of options:

  - become a project sponsor through OSGEO
  - contract with one of the various MapServer developers directly for specific work

The OSGEO path is untested at this point but it probably the way to go if you are
interested in general support. The other is tried and true and I can help put you in 
touch with resources.

That said, I just learned that RFC 17 looks to be funded for 5.0 through another
source so your timing is perfect or poor depending on your perspective. ;-)


>>> Sture Dingsøyr <candalt at ONLINE.NO> 12/13/2006 5:34:17 AM >>>
Hi again

We might be interrested in making a donation/funding to the Mapserver development team. 

How do one go about to do something like this?

Best regards

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Later MS4W version include an increased value for MAXSYMBOLS (128).

There is a MapServer RFC for this actually 
(  I am not 
certain that this is on the table for the 5.0 release, even though it is 
listed at the bottom of the release plan 

If you can come up with funding for that RFC I bet that would help push 
up its priority.


Sture Dingsøyr wrote:
> Hi there.
> A while back I recompiled my version of Mapserver to support a higher number of symbols (MS_MAXSYMBOLS). 
> We are currently using MS4W (very good!!!) on some machines.
> Are there any plans on removing the hard limits for layers, classes and symbols (MS_MAXLAYERS,MS_MAXCLASSES, and MS_MAXSYMBOLS) in MS4W or at least increase the hard limits?
> Best regards
> Sture

Jeff McKenna
DM Solutions Group Inc. 

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