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Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Fri Jan 13 12:51:57 EST 2006

Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi all: What do you think of using polls to help prioritize development work in certain cases. I still do the bulk of
> my MapServer development just for the hell of it so $'s don't set priority in those cases. It's more personal 
> preference or what I feel like doing. Perhaps that's ok since the time is being donated. That said, knowing what
> is of interest to the larger community would help, could even help focus investment by interested parties, and
> would help define a roadmap for each version.
> At the moment I'm thinking about the following areas:

c => core
f => feature

1f is my highest
2f would be street labels the follow road shape (not splines).

1c. >   - converting GEOS code to use the C wrapper
2c. >   - single pass queries
1f. >   - thick wu-lines
3f. >   - label prioritization support (wouldn't need most annotation 
4f. >   - relative positioning of inline features

-Steve W.

> I imagine there are others. Thoughts?
> Steve

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