Content-type in Post-Requests

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Thu Jan 26 10:16:03 EST 2006

Hi Silke: Thanks for the fix. I saw the bug this morning and looked at the patch. Looks pretty straight forward. I think it could be applied to 4.8 before the final release. I can take care of that if there are no objections.


Stephen Lime
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>>> Silke Reimer <Silke.Reimer at INTEVATION.DE> 01/26/06 8:25 AM >>>


I fixed a bug in handling Post requests by the mapserver when the
client doesn't send the content-type in the header. I think the fix
could go into Mapserver 4.8. Since I don't know whether entries in
the bug tracker are still scanned for the next release, I just
wanted to announce it on this list. The number of the bug is 1628
(see [1]).

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