MapServer and Sensor Observation Service

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Fri Jan 27 14:07:56 EST 2006


We are working with Tom to implement a Sensor Observation Service (SOS). 
Since they already have a bunch of WMS/WFS services based on MapServer, 
they would like to have this as an extension to MapServer, with the same 
configuration mechanism that their administrators are already used to. 
However, the SOS is in this grey area of features that may or may not 
belong in MapServer depending on how we look at them.

So we are considering two options on which we would like to have your 

1- Implement SOS as a new service type supported by MapServer (i.e. 
mapsensor.c) just like the current WMS/WFS/WCS support, an optional 
feature that could be enabled/disabled at compile-time.

2- Create a separate project independent of MapServer for the SOS. It 
would be built on top of map.h and libmap, but would not be part of the 
MapServer source and distribution.

In both cases, the result would be more or less the same: a SOS that is 
configured via a the same MapServer mapfiles that are used for WMS/WFS, 
and that uses the same data access methods from maplayer.c... the 
question is really whether we think that this feature belongs in 
MapServer (#1) or not (#2).

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