Java MapScript Versions

Diego Magni diego.magni at POLIMI.IT
Fri Jul 28 05:18:44 EDT 2006

Dear List,

I'm implementing a mobile GIS with Java MapScript on an Apache 
Tomcat-based platform.

I've started the implementation with the obsolete version of Java 
MapScript, downloaded from

Now, I need to update my implementation, but the new version of Java 
MapScript (from MS4W distribution, is quite 
different and some methods have been changed or removed.

I'd like to use a current downloadable version: is the MS4W version 
stable? Are new versions of Java MapScript going to be published? Will 
they follow the MS4W version template?

Many thanks,

best regards,

Diego Magni

Ing. Diego Magni
Politecnico di Milano - Polo Regionale di Como
Laboratorio di Geomatica
via Valleggio 11, 22100 Como
e-mail: diego at
tel. +39 (0)31 3327529

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