Java MapScript 'make test' error

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Mon Jun 5 12:07:10 EDT 2006

Philip Mark Donaghy wrote:
> I've resolved the javac issues.
> I changed line 23 to,
>                         shapeObj shp = new shapeObj( 
> layer.getType().swigValue()  );
> This seems to do the right thing. Now I have a error.
> java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: 
> /home/phil/opensource/mapserver/mapscript/java/ 
> /home/phil/opensource/mapserver/mapscript/java/ 
> undefined symbol: msOWSDispatch
> Not really sure where to resolve this.


I suspect this is my fault.  Are you configured with support for any of
the OWS services?  Like WMS?  I believe I added an unconditional dependence
on msOWSDispatch() in the MapScript bindings, but looking in mapows.c I see
that msOWSDispatch is only available if WMS, WMS or WCS server support is
enabled.  I'll make some changes in mapows.c so that msOWSDispatch() is always
defined.  In the meantime adding --with-wms to your configure for the main
MapServer should resolve things at your end.

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