msLayerOpen and msLayerClose

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Tue Jun 6 10:36:50 EDT 2006

Howard Butler wrote:
> In addition, for some drivers, opening and closing the layer many times 
> can have significant overhead.  Would it be beneficial to have a 
> create/delete pair that actually does the construction/destruction of a 
> layer?  Could we somehow ensure that this only happens once through the 
> life cycle of a mapObj (or explicitly created/destroyed through 
> MapScript)?  Would this improve the situation at all or just push the 
> problem somewhere else?


Well, it's a bit of a hack-around in a sense, but setting the connection
pooling on for such a layer would avoid the extra overhead even if the
high level code wasn't too careful about preserving connections over a
whole render.

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