ArcSDE 9.1 Support

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Wed Jun 21 14:15:44 EDT 2006

At 11:30 AM 6/21/2006, Dave McCann wrote:
>We're looking into implementing mapserver in a production 
>environment utilizing SDE connections to map data.
>I was looking at the current docs on SDE and saw that spatial 
>selects are currently only supported by queryByAttributes and queryByRect.
>Is there any activity for developing a queryByPoly (select based on 
>spatial area of a polygon)?
>We've considered using Tomcat to poke into SDE for the spatial 
>select as a workaround but would prefer to use any existing 
>functionality in mapserver.
>I've been trying to conduct some local testing of performance with 
>SDE layers but have been unsuccessful with a simple single layer 
>request. Can anyone point me to a thread or any documentation that I 
>can use in troubleshooting our current mapserver config (MS4W) with SDE?

There have been folks having success with the MS4W 1.5.3 binaries and 
SDE 9.1.  You might catch me on IRC to hammer out specific issues, 
but I think the MS4W docs explain how to swap the dlls.  Only other 
issue should be making sure the SDE SDK binaries are on your PATH and 
if you're using IIS that the SDE dlls have the execute bits set for 
the internet user.  Use mapserv.exe -v on the command line to confirm 
that SDE support is enabled.

Implementing support to allow MapServer SDE to do queryByPoly should 
be pretty straightforward, but I haven't found time, funding, or need 
to implement it.  I don't know if Steve has found a need for it 
either (I think he uses the SDE stuff pretty regularly 
also).  Patches always welcomed ;)


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