MapServer PSC?

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Tue Jun 27 23:59:39 EDT 2006

Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi all: I'm getting back on the OSGeo paperwork bandwagon and am
> wondering about a Project Steering Committee.  I don't recall if we
> have officially christened the MapServer Technical Steering Committee
> the MapServer PSC. Seems logical to me, any other thoughts? And how
> would we make it official?
> Steve

If I'm not mistaken the TSC is the only "governing body" for mapserver, 
so to change anything, our process is to write an RFC and vote on it. So 
I think we would want an RFC that spells out the rolls, responsibility, 
membership qualifications, terms, transitional issues, etc. What would 
the TSC do and not do in the future and what the PSC would be doing in 
the future if we are splitting the role into two separate groups.

maybe something like this for each TSC and PSC:
1. what is it?
2. what does it do/not do?
3. size of committee
4. how are members selected to serve
5. what is any qualifications does a member need
6. term limits if any
7. who chairs it
8. how do decisions get made

are there any transitional issues
1. do any existing TSC members seed the PSC
2. ...

Anyway you know this, but maybe seeing it in writing helps. Then again, 
maybe I misunderstood your question, its late :)

-Steve W.

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