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Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Wed Mar 8 11:25:39 EST 2006

Dan: I'll make the corrections suggested for Mapgears folks and Sacha. This list is, seems to me,
is code specific. The contirbutor list for documentation, test cases, and ideas in general would
be very long indeed.

I'll pass those other questions along to the incubator list...


>>> Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM> 03/08/06 9:29 AM >>>
Steve Lime wrote:
> Attached is a list based on some searches of the list archives, CVS password files, and source greps. I appologize if I've missed anyone, but it is certainly possible. There is a lot of code and many years to cover. This is only contribution through code. Please pass along edits...

A few corrections for the list:

- Julien and I used to be contributing as part of DM Solutions and from 
now on will be part of Mapgears.

- Should we add Jeff McKenna (DM Solutions) and Normand Savard (DM 
Solutions/Mapgears), they both have CVS access but not for code 
contributions, Jeff for docs updates, and Norm for updates to msautotest

- Sacha Fournier is not listed, he is no longer with DM Solutions but 
had done the initial implementation of the HTML legends a few years ago. 
He should probably be added to the list as inactive.

> Other thoughts:
>   1)  How should an organization like DMSG be handled? Should an organization sign an agreement like this
>   or should individual developers? (there are proposed agreements for both cases)
>   2) Should I have to sign 3 agreements, one for each organization I have contributed code under? (UMN,
>   DNR, and as myself)

Those are two very good questions that might be better answered by the 
incubation committee and foundation lawyers than by us.

I'm also wondering, just like you, wheter Julien and I should sign two 
contributor agreements, one for our past contributions as part of DM 
Solutions and one for our new contributions as part of Mapgears.

It seems to me that individual contributor agreements make things 
simpler in case an individual goes from one organization to another or 
works for multiple ones. But then the project may be better protected by 
an agreement signed by the employer of the contributors as well.

Perhaps the incubation committee or the foundation's lawyers can explain 
what they think is best. Mapgears (and I'm sure DM Solutions) will be 
happy to go either way.

>   3) What exactly is the definition of "significant bits of code"?

Another good one for the incubation committee.

Daniel Morissette

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