MapServer 4.8.2

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Thu Mar 16 16:36:11 EST 2006

Frank reminded me last night that according to MS RFC 1, we actually 
have to call a vote to have a release.  Also, someone needs to be the 
release manager.  I propose that we release MapServer 4.8.2 on 
Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday of next week, contingent on 
Steve's  symbol fixes.  I volunteer to be the release manager for this release.

Another very useful feature of the MapServer 4.8.2 release will be 
that DM Solutions and myself will be using the same build kit for 
compiling and distributing Windows binaries.  This means that folks 
will be able to generally swap in dlls of this and that to get things 
like Oracle Spatial and ArcSDE functionality.  All of the optional or 
license encumbered drivers for GDAL have been compiled as plugins, so 
if you have the dlls for those drivers and set the magic 
configuration directive, you'll be good to go.  This development 
should streamline things for windows users quite a bit and hopefully 
reduce some frustrations of having mismatching bits of functionality 
across the various MapServer windows builds.  Thanks to Assefa, Jeff, 
and Adam Hill for working with me on this.


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