MapServer 4.8.2

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Wed Mar 22 18:30:14 EST 2006


I am pleased to announce the release of MapServer 4.8.2.  Releases in 
the 4.8 branch are maintenance releases, and changes are mostly 
confined to bug fixes.  Here is a list of the fixes in this release:

- PHP MapScript building as a DLL (bug 1717)
- Numerous C# improvements by Tamas (bugs 1680, 1596, 1597)
- Hiding some items that are not to be exposed to MapScript (bug 1660)
- Numerous ArcSDE improvements (it might actually work now ;) (bugs 
1682 and 1699)
- Inter-tile "cracking" problem (bug 1715)
- msSaveMap properly writes out TRANSPARENCY ALPHA (bug 1669)
- Ability to set wfs_maxfeatures to 0 (bug 1678)
- Increase in precision of ScaleHit for WMS GetCapabilities response (bug 1649)
- configure can now detect the Oracle Instant Client rpms (bugs 1470 and 1683)
- Fuzzy brush fixes (bug 1659)
- Behavior of SIZE for pixmap symbols reverted to previous behavior (bug 1684)

The new version can be downloaded from
<>, full changelog 
can be browsed at 
<>, and 
binaries should start to show up from the usual suspects in the next few days.


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