Automated tests (was Call for 4.8.3 release...)

Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Mon Mar 27 19:58:02 EST 2006

> Actually, I ran the python test suite on windows before blessing the 
> 4.8.2 release, but for some reason the bug didn't manifest 
> itself.  Only when I started working on the buildbot 
> <> did it show up.

I should've run on Linux too. Wierd. It was a python test though correct? How hard would it be to trigger those from the makefile? (and have it complain in python mapscript was not installed or up to date) I could quickly get in the habit of doing any of the tests before committing anything.

> The postgis that Paul Moen pointed out that missed 4.8.2 is described 
> here <>.

I can apply that patch if you want.

> Howard


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