A MapServer 5.0 Branch? (Re: RFC 17: Dynamic Array Sizing)

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Mon May 15 15:59:41 EDT 2006

I put a 5.0 release plan skeleton up at 
Contact me if for some reason you can't edit it.


At 02:33 PM 5/15/2006, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>Steve Lime wrote:
>>I kinda agree that a branch probably isn't necessary. This touches 
>>so many files
>>that merging will be a pain in the butt. I think we're a bit out 
>>from a 4.10/5.0 release
>>so that there's still ample time to implement and fix.
>I would tend to agree with that.
>Talking of release, what do you guys have in mind? We'd want 
>something before the September meeting for sure. Should we aim for 
>end of July release, meaning a mid-June freeze?  (Assuming we go 
>with 6 weeks of betas like we did before)
>Daniel Morissette

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