Legend size calculation, WMS LegendURL size

Shawn Gervais project10 at PROJECT10.NET
Thu Dec 13 12:58:20 EST 2007

Yewondwossen Assefa wrote:
> Shawn,
>  Thanks for doing that. From what I have seen, It seems to be a good way 
> of dealing width width/height issue for LegendURLs.
> Maybe a simple comment that I had was It might be useful to have an 
> optional layer argument in function msLegendCalcSize so that it can  be 
> used on one layer or all layers if the argument is set to NULL. This 
> would eliminate I think the need for the msWMSGetLegendURLSize function
> As Steve noted, It would be good if a ticket was opened for it, and the 
> patch can then be applied.

Thanks for the feedback Assefa, Bart, Steve.

I've submitted this as a ticket, 2435, which includes Assefa's suggestion.


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