HostGIS+OpenLayers WMS requests to mapserver problems

Bradley McLain bradley_mclain at DEBORTOLIWINES.COM
Thu Dec 13 22:00:01 EST 2007

I originally had an FGS setup installed and my OpenLayers page worked fine
displaying both Google Maps layers and Mapserver layers which were retrieved
by a WMS request.

However I have now moved over to HostGIS as a base and the WMS requests have
become really strange.

Originally a standard WMS request statement looked like this:,grcad,cadbd,propbd,fmbl,varbl

However when running under HostGIS I kept getting mapserv errors and after
satisfying all of the things it was whinging about, I got it to finally
display again using the request shown below:,grcad,cadbd,propbd,fmbl,varbl&BBOX=144.841,-34.5838,146.344,-34.0477&format=image/png&width=800&height=600&styles=

Notice the really strange "styles="

Despite this I cannot get WMS requests out of OpenLayers to work at all,
even adding all of the extra parameters it is asking for.

I have no idea what's going on here, possibly different mapserver settings
are present in the HostGIS setup.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


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