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I have some performance problems that are difficult to manage.


I use SDE and mapscript. 


As we know, creating a connection to a database is a time consuming
process. I also expected that if I have a running process, the
connection could be alive as, long as the process is running (by using
the connection pooling). Now I have found that this is not the case. In
the principle code below (even if I have a running process) the SDE
connection will be created two times. 


mapObj mapObj = new

layerObj oLayerObj = mapObj.getLayerByName("GISS_FAST");

oLayerObj.queryByAttributes(mapObj, strFld, "(OBJECTID = 19344)",
mapscript.MS_MULTIPLE); ## msSDELayerOpen and msSDECloseConnection ##; ## msSDELayerOpen ##

      resultCacheMemberObj oResultCacheMemberObj =

      shapeObj oShapeObj =

oLayerObj.close();##msSDECloseConnection ##


I expect that open a connection can take a second or more, but
retreaving records could only take 1/10 of a second or less (depends on
number of records).


Is there any plans to inprove this?




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