RFC 26 - MapServer Terminology Cleanup

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Mon May 7 20:23:54 EDT 2007

I think this would be ok.

I think most people have mapfiles for rendering, and while I'm sure 
there are a bunch being used for queries, and it would be a pain to 
change them, this is a onetime event to make the change and we are 
probably going to make them change other things also, like 

I have a lot of 2-5K line mapfiles that I will have to update.

It might be possible to write a perl script to make some or most of the 
changes. Like find all TEMPLATE lines and add QUERYABLE TRUE after it.

Anyway its a thought.

-Steve W

Daniel Morissette wrote:
> Steve Lime wrote:
>> Is there a way we could do this in the code without adding a new 
>> parameter? I'm
>> thinking probably not since you can use layers with WxS service 
>> parameters defined
>> with the CGI or MapScript... So, I would propose recognizing the 
>> template or a queryable
>> parameter. 
> What if someone sets TEMPLATE "something.html" and also sets QUERYABLE 
> FALSE. With what you propose the QUERYABLE setting would be ignored and 
> the layer would still be queryable, right? That would be creating 
> another source of confusion. I think if we add a QUERYABLE TRUE/FALSE 
> setting then TEMPLATE should be treated as a simple parameter and 
> queryability should be determined only by the QUERYABLE setting.
> That's just my opinion, let's see what others think.
>> Since we have a function like msIsLayerQueryable that should be easy
>> enough.
> I think there's more to do than just updating msIsLayerQueryable(). 
> First there is the class by class queryability that is not handled by 
> msIsLayerQueryable(). I also did a quick check and there is lots of code 
> that checks the layer and class template values directly and would need 
> to be updated. There's also some code (mapwfs.c) that sets dummy 
> template values that we could finally get rid of. I could take care of 
> the implementation if you want.
> Daniel

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