PSC Member Nomination

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Tue May 8 12:33:09 EDT 2007

Arnulf Christl (OSGeo) wrote:
> A few minor additional questions (we are still elaborating on PSC 
> guidelines in the Mapbender project, so this is out of professional 
> interest):
> * Does the existing TSC/PSC vote for the free slots? 


Additions to the PSC are voted on by the PSC (expressed as motions to
the PSC).

 > * Will the TSC  continue to exist parallel to the PSC?

The TSC is replaced by the PSC.

> * Wich xSC has authority over the other (is there a hierarchy)?
> * Is there anything like "user membership level". For example what 
> happens if the TSC or PSC runs afoul on some issue that is not tolerated 
> by "broad user membership" (like changing the name to Cheetah)?

There is no user membership concept.  Issues affecting the broader user
base (or perhaps it was all RFCs?) are to be circulated on mapserver-users.
It is assumed that the PSC will take into account broad feedback in
decision making.

If the PSC falls into it's own navel and ignores the MapServer communities
needs and wishes, one can assume that the project would fork.

In some cases we have, and likely will, use polls on the mapserver site
to get a sense of the communities wishes.

> * I did not find any date or what form the PSC election has, or is this 
> an ongoing process that can happen at any time? Do you have an 
> independent person to count votes/ballots (suggest to ask OSGeo's CEO).

It can happen at any time by motion to the PSC.  It isn't really an
election, and votes are public as with any other motion.

We (the PSC) do often discuss additions internally before raising a public
motion to avoid the very difficult situation of voting against having
someone join the PSC.   We have recently had some internal discussions
on extending the PSC and lots of great candidates have been suggested, but
I think we became a bit confused about how to proceed without having the PSC
balloon to a huge size (or perhaps it should!) and that conversation has
been idle for a week or two.

PS. I think Jeff would make a great PSC member though I can also think of
quite a few others I'd also love to see in that role.

PPS. Steve or others are welcome to correct me.  I'm just butting in to give
my understanding in my self-appointed role as protocol droid.

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