MapServer 4.10.2 released

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Tue May 8 17:00:22 EDT 2007

MapServer 4.10.2 has just been released. This new release addresses a
few issues that were fixed since version 4.10.1 and contains no new
functionality. The list of fixes since 4.10.1 is included at the end of
this message, the full change log can also be browsed online at

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:
Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations
(also linked from the download page above).


Version 4.10.2 (2007-05-07)

- SVG : Polygons should not be filled if color is not given (#2055)

- WMS : fixed request with a BBOX and and SLD containing Filter
   encoding (#2079)

- Argument sequence wrong in msProjectRect calls in ogc filter (#2082)

- when reading an SLD, sequence of classes is reversed (#1925)

- Support for embedding manifests as resources for the VS2005 
builds.(bug 2048)

- Changed OGRLayerGetAutoStyle not to pass NULL pointer to GetRGBFromString
   causing access violation (bug 1950).

- do not double-grab the row_id column in msSDELayerGetItems (bug 2041)

- Apply patch for bug 1990 for OS X Framework builds support for Python
   MapScript.  Thanks William!

- Added missing MS_FOLLOW constant to PHP MapScript (bug 2058)

- maptemplate.c: Fixed handling of multiple rings/lines in processCoords()
   so that imagemaps work properly for multipolygons (bug 2073).

- Don't call pj_transform() if the projections are equal (bug #2084)

- Note that starting with this release the source code is now managed
   in Subversion (SVN) instead of CVS.

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